Power Washing by Cape Breton Painters

  Power washing not only enhances the beauty of your home but it is recommend to perform an annual cleaning to extend the life of the paint job on your house. When done properly, power washing will NOT damage the surfaces being cleaned.   Are you planning on having the exterior of your home painted? Preparing the surfaces properly is crucial to achieving the best painting results. It is highly recommend to power wash the exterior of your home as the first step to any exterior painting project. Does it really make sense to paint over all that dirt and grime?   We use an environmentally safe cleaning chemical to the exterior surface of your home. Followed by power washing all of the loose paint, moss, algae, dust, dirt and cobb webs away. Assuring no damage to your landscaping.   Since power washing impregnates the wood, at least one (1) day of warm weather is required prior to painting. Remember that painting wood prior to it drying completely will cause the paint to blister over time.   Contact Cape Breton Painters for a no obligation on-site quote for house cleaning, deck and fence cleaning, sidewalk and driveway cleaning and roof cleaning.