Exterior Painting Services

We here at Cape Breton Painters take pride in keeping a safe and clean work area. We take extra care to ensure your landscapes are protected by using drop sheets and plastic to protect your decks, walkways, plants, gardens, and grass.

We ensure top quality results by following a thorough process:

Scrapping & Preparing the Surface – We use scrapers to remove any loose and peeling paint. Depending on the substrate we may utilize a high volume pressure washer to remove any dirt and build up. A high grade exterior caulking is applied around exterior trim areas such as windows and doors to not only seal these areas, but to provide a professional looking finish in the end. An exterior grade putty or wood filler may be required to fill any low areas. Required areas are sanded and a coat of the proper primer is applied to ensure the proper adhesion of the finish coat.

Applying the Finish Coats – We apply 2 finish coats to all surfaces being painted. We use top quality Dulux paints that ensure flexibility in our extreme climate. Dulux paints retain their color very well and hold up to repeated high pressure washing year after year.

Clean Up – During the entire project we ensure to perform daily cleanups and return our tools and supplies back to the designated storage area. Upon project completion a full work site cleanup is completed to ensure we leave your home looking beautiful.

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